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"KNVKLY is never shy of pushing boundaries and blurring lines, something ‘Keepsakes’ does effortlessly. The opening track, “And Then She’ll Say” is an acoustic number, with the man himself singing a very melancholy hook over brooding piano. ‘Got To Know’ picks up the pace with a Regina Spektor sample and quirky drums before the warmness of the synth grabs hold. Taking cues from Bristol’s early trip-hop days, ’8below’ begins with a driving rhythm before major sonoroties, characteristic of the whole EP, conquer the landscape. Napster’ is a journey in and of itself, as calm synths and sparse drums explode into a fury a of footwork madness. Closing out the record ‘Peaches Castle’ is the most straight forward dance track, and the synth solo is one more feel good moments on the record. On remix duty we have Legion of Doom’s Endor bringing wonderfully pop-centric mix, and our very own image, who takes a bit more maximal route to the floor."